Baithak has had the wonderful opportunity to work with organisations and individuals doing phenomenal works in their fields. Here is what artists, partner organisations and supporters have to say about Baithak.

Sharad Sathe – Gwalior Gharana Maestro, Senior Hindustani Classical Vocalist

It is quite heartening to know that Baithak Foundation is doing a great service to the enrichment of Hindustani music. The Foundation encourages the artistes, especially the young ones, by arranging their concerts to spread the knowledge of traditional music, value of which is fast fading out these days. I congratulate the Foundation and wish them continued success in their laudable endeavour.

Prof Amitav Mallik – Padmashri (2002) and A Retired Scientist and Former Member,
National Security Advisory Board, Founder Member Pune International Centre (PIC)

I have known Mandar and Dakshayani for quite a few years now and I admire the way they have worked hard from the grassroots to establish the “BAITHAK Foundation’ for spreading and popularising Hindustani Classical Music to the masses. I write this as a heart-felt appreciation for Mandar & Dakshayani for their tremendous effort and commitment in future.

Baithak Foundation organises baithaks & concerts in classical music particularly for the less privileged communities. This art form is normally available only to better of societies the poor do not have the capacity to enjoy such luxuries, even when they really want to. ‘Baithak Foundation’ is thus creating wonderful opportunities for ordinary school children and even to blind schools etc at free of cost.

This is a unique and commendable service to the society by Baithak Foundation, that deserves every praise, support and recognition. What is special is that – both Mandar and Dakshayani are highly qualified professionals who are following their passion for classical music at their own initiative and cost and using very innovative approaches to win hearts and minds of hundreds of people. Efforts of supporting and preserving Indian art and culture mostly focus on supporting the artist rather than the art. Looking at the hardware and software required for any art form to flourish, one can realise the need to work at the bottom of the pyramid making the art accessible to all those who are interested. Such efforts also spread the calming effects of music to many others who become new admirers of India classical music.

There is great need to look at the benefits of learning of our ancient yogic art forms that makes classical music more understandable. The focus on right breathing, posture as well as being sensitive and observant of one environment goes a long way in making of a liberal citizen. In today’s society under multiple stresses and fractures, music can be a major binding force and social initiatives like the “Baithak” can have huge potential in using the medium of music even at the national level towards building a future generation that can be more sensitive, creative and at peace with itself.

I wish Mandar and Dakshayani every success in their very noble endeavour.

Ashlesha Onawale – Trustee Deep Griha Society, Pune

We at Deep Griha are extremely privileged to have connected with Baithak Foundation. Their vision of making Indian Classical music accessible to the masses has benefited children we work with in financially deprived communities as well as teachers at our rural school. Creating a space to learn more about not just music but also about yourself and our cultural history. Baithak Foundation creates a space to begin various dialogues on extremely varied topics, and more importantly creates this space for young and old people who would not have this opportunity if it wasn’t for the work that they do.

Ashlesha Shintre – Dhrupad Musician (Disciple of Pt. Uday Bhawalkar)

I have been associated with Baithak Foundation in the capacity of a performing Dhrupad artist as well as a facilitator since early 2017. As an artist practicing an art that a lot of people have not heard before, my experience was very fulfilling. Two aspects about the organisation that really stand out are:

a) the facilitators (the founders of Baithak) are not biased about any form of classical music and are equally passionate about getting all forms of classical music and dance (all instruments, Khayal, Carnatic, Dhrupad, Thumri etc.) to the audiences.

b) they take good care of the artists and their needs on the day of the performance.

As a facilitator I had a deeper insight into their core values and principles. Their commitment to spreading awareness about musical education and the long lasting cognitive and physiological impacts of music on children and adults alike are laudable. They have gone far and wide with this agenda, in institutions that have been able to remunerate them as well as those that have not. This keen sense of social justice makes them stand apart. Their willingness to form long term relationships with these institutions, to understand and work on the feedback that they receive ensures a positive thrust in the quality of the work that they undertake going forward. I wish them the very best.

Pranita Madkaikar – CEO Tara Mobile Creches, Pune

Baithak events at TMCP day care centres happened like a dream come true; a whiff of fresh air amongst the barren labour camps hidden well behind lofty buildings under construction! Tara Mobile Creches Pune has been providing integrated day care facilities for children of migrant labourers at construction sites for over three decades. Holistic development of children between birth to 14 years of age has been our focus.

Given the hectic schedules, difficult living conditions, insecure livelihoods and resulting anxious states of mind, the parents children from our day care centres often live a mundane and lack-lustre life . In such a situation, TMCP recognised the impact music could have on their minds!Music has no doubt been an integral part of our play & communication based interventions with children. But there was no way to providing them with an exposure to music appreciation, especially classical music.And Baithak Community came to us as a blessing in disguise! We started recitals as a pilot at one centre. The response from children as well as their parents was so overwhelming that it as decided that the activity could be extended to an second centre in the current year!

Children listening to music in rapt attention, parents and community members gently swaying to the rhythmic melodies emanating out of the musical instruments, children curious to know more about the instruments and desirous of touching them to get an experience – these and many more memories will remain etched in our memories (and I am sure in the minds of the children too) for retrieving in times of disdain and reliving the warmth of the soft melody that touched many hearts!!!!

The idea of the Baithak Community itself was ingenious! And an excellent way of paying back in multiples to all those who toil to make our lives better! Qualified, dedicated resource persons, not just proficient in their own musical talents, but also responsive to needs of the marginalised communities. These resource persons were the cherry on the cake!

Tara Mobile Creches Pune is grateful to Baithak Community for bringing music into the arid and barren lives of children of migrant labourers. We wish them all the best in their journey to bring soulful music into the lives of marginalised communities

Soumya Jain – Founder CEO, iTeach Schools

iTeach Schools has been associated with Baithak for over two years now. We’ve loved working them through out. Three key reasons – their mission is so needed, and so different. In this age of mainly training our people for employability and work skills, Baithak brings a fresh perspective that well being, creativity and pursuit of the arts are as essential for India’s citizens as job related competencies. Secondly, their approach to classical music is unique – they have taken something which is usually rather esoteric and exclusive, and through intentional effort, made it relatable and understandable for all of us, especially our students. Being able to understand it, is the first step towards appreciating it! Lastly, they are able to combine their passion with professionalism, and that makes it a great experience working with them as an organisation as well!

Dr. Poorva Shah – Dermatologist and Kathak Dancer

Mandar and Dakshayani are an absolute inspiration … The work they are doing for the promotion of Indian classical music and Indian culture is phenomenal … Through the Baithak foundation, slowly and steadily they are achieving milestones that set them apart from anyone their age … I am only glad to be associated with such an organisation and to offer my services in any way possible to this organisation is the least I can do as an artist.