About Us

Baithak is a registered not for profit charitable trust started to promote classical music in all the sections of the society irrespective of the socio-economic background.

Classical music is a branch of Yoga Shastra and for centuries, acted like software for human development. Classical music has enormous power on both the inner and outer levels. On outer level, it brings people together and plays crucial role of creating a harmonious society. On the inner level, it helps every individual to know dive deep within him or her and is a universal language of expression.

In spite of all the development that took place in the communication channels and despite of numerous music festivals being organized in big cities, classical music has hardly come out of the glass ceiling and is still learned, appreciated and enjoyed by a very small section of our society.

Baithak is carrying out many initiatives like teaching classical music in municipal schools, school concerts, creating affordable illustrated books about musicians etc. to make this art form accessible to everyone in spite of their socio-economic background.