Managing Stress in Corporate Lives: How Indian Classical Music Can help

Work induced stress has emerged as one of the major concerns for employers, employees and societies at large. Stress in corporate lives is not only a health hazard, but also a major killer of productivity, creativity and innovation. Organizations and individuals are becoming more and more aware of the ill effects of work induced stress in corporate lives but most of the times, they are clueless about how this issue can be resolved. 

Indian Classical Music, though well-known for its healing abilities, has hardly been used as a remedy for work induced stress. Baithak Foundation has been working with students, parents, teachers and individuals for past two years and through our engagement, we realized the phenomenal role Indian Classical Music could play in making corporate spaces stress free. The result of our experimentation and further study of this topic was Nad Yoga workshops, designed for working professionals and aimed at reducing their stress levels. 

Nad Yoga workshop for a mixed pool of working professionals.

This workshop is a blend of breathing and singing practices which affect the breathing pattern of the participants which helps them re-connect with their cognitive abilities and reduce stress levels. So far, we have conducted Nad Yoga workshop for manufacturing companies, IT professionals, teachers, students etc. and the response has been amazing. 

Here are a few pointers which elaborate which make this workshop unique:

  • As Nad Yoga is based on singing practices, individuals never find it boring. As humans are evolved form of animals, singing is one of our most basic instincts. For almost every individual, singing in itself is a very relaxing and refreshing activity. 
  • Along with singing, the participants are made aware of posture, mindfulness, being in moment, and deep breathing; the culmination of all this is a highly rejuvenating experience which remains with the participants for a long time. 
  • Singing together, in sync with others, fosters the team spirit and induces feeling of oneness. This makes Nad Yoga an ideal fit for team building initiatives. 
  • We believe in continuous engagement and not in just single intervention. Long term benefits are achieved always through a continuous engagement. To facilitate this, Nad Yoga is backed with a Mobile Application using which participants can practice at their homes on their own without any assistance. 

Baithak team constantly works on refining the content of this workshop and adapt it to requirements of individuals from different industries. Please write to us at to know more. 

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