Fourth Baithak at TMCP

Baithak Foundations 4th concert t the TMCP Bavdhan Centre was planned on a weekday evening. The preparations, as usual began by creating a poster and spreading a word in the community.

Never before was a tabla solo performed at the centre. Children were quite excited as they had seen the tabla as an accompanying instrument for almost all the previous performances.

The gathering was huge as usual. Around 60 parents and children were our audience. Pushkar started his performance explaining some basics of tabla. He later demonstrated various taals and explained the meaning of Laya. For fun he also demonstrated how tabla can recreate our experiences of watching a train, playing match etc. It was important to demonstrate the role of tabla during solo versus its presence as an accompanying instrument. Thus Ninad Joshi, who was accompanying on harmonium played a short solo piece to which the tabla provided accompaniment. Later we also sang few songs to show how tabla is used for vocal accompaniment. Children could slowly understand he difference.

Pushkar also shared the story of how tabla originated and how it is different from Pakhwaj which is primarily used during Dhrupad accompaniment.

Children were very interested in the instrument and keenly observed how the artist was using his fingers to create the different bols. Baithak is now looking forward to teach tabla at the Bavdhan Centre owing to the keen interest shown by children and their immediate grasping of some key concepts during the performance.

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