Third Baithak at TMCP

Based on the recommendation by TMCP staff, Baithak’s monthly concert at Ganga Legend construction site was planned on a Sunday. Sunday being the weekly holiday everyone hoped that more parents will be able to attend.Baithak discussed the purpose and format of the concert with the Ninad (the artist) and he readily agreed to perform. He already knew about the initiative through his friends and some Facebook posts. This was the third concert at this venue.

Poster for the Third Concert

Baithak team reached the site on time but due to some unavoidable delays, the event started a bit little late. The same day also was being celebrated as Vishwakarma Puja day and thus many parents were busy with the preparations. The community had also arranged for a DJ for the celebration. TMCP team member and Baithak team humbly requested to pause the DJ for an hour till the end of the event and our request was honoured.

Though not in usual numbers but many parents attended the event despite it being the Puja day.

As soon as the artists took their seats children came running. The artists started tuning their respective instruments and children sat intently looking at the entire process.

Ninad tuning Santoor

Ninad began his performance by introducing his instrument – Santoor. He described the make of the instrument and its place of origin. He began his recital by Raag Yaman. Throughout the concert his used the analogy and examples from the construction business which the parents and children were familiar with. He explained how Indian Classical Music is not only for entertainment but also for meditation (sukoon our shanti). He asked everyone to close their eyes during the aalap to experience this meditative state (shanti).

He compared the aalap to the digging and building of the foundation, the jod and jhala to the construction of floors one after the other and the bandishes to the painting and decoration of the building. Playing only one raag at length to an uninitiated audience was definitely a challenge but the artist and the accompanist took great effort to engage with their audience.

The program conclude with Pahadi; the iconic melody of Santoor. The artists asked the audience to focus on the tune and find correlation between his rendition and folk songs, movie songs etc. A short dialogue with the audience helped us understand that everyone enjoyed the music.

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