Baithak at Tara Mobile Creches #1

All of us see the fancy societies and apartments coming around us. What we rarely get to see is how kids of laborers who work on these sites live and grow.

Most of the times, they are not admitted into local schools since these laborers constantly migrate from one site to the other. Even if they are admitted, being from different regions, their mother tongues are different and learning becomes a challenge.

Tara Mobile Creches is an organization working with these kids right at the construction sites. Baithak Foundation has organized a baithak for kids of construction laborers working on a construction in Bavdhan in association with Tara Mobile Creches.

We invite all music lovers to witness this unique concert and cheer the artists as well as the kids. We plan to teach them Indian Classical Music regularly in the second phase. Your support is absolutely essential for us to make this happen!

Here are the event details of the first concert:

Baithak at TMCP

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